Kirstie Alley Might Lose A Few Hollywood Friends After Hinting At Her 2016 Loyalty

Actress Kirstie Alley poses for photographers as she arrives at the premiere of "The Runaways" in New York City in this March 17, 2010 file photo. Alley described on November 7, 2012 how she fell in love more than 20 years ago with Travolta, and rejected widespread Hollywood speculation that the "Grease" star is secretly gay. REUTERS/Jessica Rinaldi/Files (UNITED STATES - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT)

REUTERS/Jessica Rinaldi

This Actress Might Lose Some Hollywood Friends After Hinting At Her 2016 Loyalty

Veteran actress Kirstie Alley recently sparked some Internet intrigue by declaring she has already selected her favorite candidate from the 2016 presidential field.

While many of her followers responded to that post with predictions and preferences of their own, it was Alley’s follow-up tweet – which narrowed down her favorite to a particular party – that led to a real debate.

The reaction was decidedly mixed. Some loyal leftists took aim at the Cheers alum with a tirade of personal attacks, while others tried to paint the actress as anti-woman.

Plenty of others, however, welcomed a Hollywood endorsement of anyone other than a far-left Democrat candidate.

In any case, Alley did not seem too concerned about rubbing a few Twitter users the wrong way.

She went on to share some advice for all Americans, regardless of ideology.

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