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Krauthammer ➠ Gulf Allies ‘Should Be Terrified’ About Obama’s ‘Sellout Announcement’ ➠ Video


Krauthammer: Gulf Allies “Should Be Terrified” About Obama’s “Sellout Announcement”

The essence of the Obama foreign policy. Allies=Enemies. Enemies=Friends.

Via Breitbart:

Columnist Charles Krauthammer dubbed President Obama’s statement “a sellout announcement” that the US’ Gulf Arab allies “should be terrified” of on Thursday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel.


Krauthammer stated, “This was absolutely pathetic. If this was meant to reassure the Gulf states, I’m sure their hair is still standing on end.” He then read from the statement, drawing attention to each “weasel word,” before adding, “I mean, I have never seen a statement with more caveats in it, which would give less confidence to any ally. And Obama, if you noticed was reading that. That wasn’t a bad ad lib, that wasn’t a Jeb answering the wrong question. He was — that was a prepared statement for a summit that is meant to assure the Gulf Arabs that we’re not selling them out. That was a sellout announcement. … They should be terrified.”

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