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Krauthammer ➠ Harry Reid ‘A Disgrace To His Own Institution’

Krauthammer ➠ Harry Reid 'A Disgrace To His Own Institution'

Krauthammer: Harry Reid ‘a Disgrace to His Own Institution’

It doesn’t sound like Charles Krauthammer will miss Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, who today announced he would not seek re-election.

“Harry we hardly knew ye, and what we did know, we didn’t like,” Krauthammer said on “Special Report.”

Krauthammer said that he wasn’t against Reid being a partisan, but explained, “I do think he was a disgrace to his own institution because he emasculated it in the name of protecting the president and trying to re-elect Democrats.”

Krauthammer also charged Reid with shutting down the Senate as soon as Republicans took the House in 2010.

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