Krauthammer ➠ Hillary Will Be ‘Easily Beaten’ In 2016 Due To ‘Glaring Inauthenticity’

Krauthammer ➠ Hillary Will Be 'Easily Beaten' In 2016 Due To 'Glaring Inauthenticity'


Krauthammer: Hillary Will Be ‘Easily Beaten’ in 2016 Due to ‘Glaring Inauthenticity’

Charles Krauthammer tonight predicted that Hillary Clinton will not win the presidency in 2016.

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Krauthammer said she’ll be “easily beaten” if Republicans put forth a dynamic candidate. He said she’ll lose in part due to her “glaring inauthenticity,” explaining that Americans become “instantly fatigued” when they hear her parse words.

Clinton has also been in politics longer than anyone else in the field, Krauthammer noted, explaining that the country wants renewal.


Still, Krauthammer said that the former secretary of state will “hands down” win the Democratic nomination.

“It won’t be a coronation, it’ll be a worship service,” he quipped.

Krauthammer and Bill O’Reilly also discussed how Clinton will handle President Barack Obama on the campaign trail. O’Reilly asked Krauthammer: Will she repudiate or embrace Obama’s record?“She will do neither,” Krauthammer said.

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