Krauthammer Rips Obama On America’s Global Standing: ‘You Wonder What Planet He’s Living On’

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Krauthammer Rips Obama on America’s Global Standing; ‘You Wonder…What Planet He’s Living on’

Appearing on the Monday edition of The O’Reilly Factor, Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer and host Bill O’Reilly tore into President Obama for stating that the U.S. is now “the most respected country on Earth” thanks to his administration with Krauthammer openly wondering “what planet he’s living on.”

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Following a soundbite of Obama speaking earlier on Monday at the White House, O’Reilly expressed his clear disagreement by declaring that: “No, we’re not respected by Putin, we’re not respected by ISIS and other terrorists, so I don’t know what he is referring to.” 

When O’Reilly turned to Krauthammer for comment, the syndicated columnist began by stating his confusion with the President’s statement before proceeding to blast him for asserting that the U.S. is currently “the most respected country on Earth” [emphasis mine]:

You wonder what world, what planet he’s living on and it’s not just as you enumerated, our enemies who have respect for us. The Chinese, the Russians, the Iranians of course, ISIS, you can go all the way down. It is our allies. You think the Ukrainians respect us? Or the Pols? The Lithuanians? How about the Saudis? How about the Bahrainis? The King of Bahrain was supposed to come to the summit in Camp David with the President of the United States. He stiffs the President and foreign ministry of Bahrain issues a statement saying that on that day, where was the king? At a horse show in England. Now, if that’s a sign of respect, we’ve got problems. 

Continuing on that subject, Krauthammer raised another example in the form of Egypt where “[f]or the first time in 40 years, he goes to Moscow, looking for assistance and for weapons” after the U.S. had long held “a monopoly in that area” that’s now been replaced with “a revulsion against the United States because we have checked out under Obama.” More


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