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Labor Dept. Employee Under Review After Tweet Saying Christians ‘Vote for Nazis’

Labor Dept. Employee Under Review After Tweet Saying Christians ‘Vote for Nazis’

An economist at the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics is undergoing a review after she apparently sent out a tweet claiming that Christians “vote for Nazis.”

Economist Elizabeth Ashack’s twitter account is @elizabethashack, and sometime over the weekend, that account appeared to tweet out:

“People in the red states vote for nazis to govern, and then call themselves Christian, it will not end well for them. #BoycottIndiana.” A screenshot of the tweet was captured by

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 2.03.48 PM



The tweet is a reference to a new Indiana law aimed that some say would make it easier to discriminate against gay people. Supporters of the law, however, say it would only require courts to weigh the right to religious liberty in cases that might involve discrimination against gays.

On Monday, a new tweet was apparently written by Ashack, which said that her work and her home computers were “hacked,” and that an investigation is underway. Neither this tweet nor the original “Nazi” tweet were on her Twitter account as of Monday.


Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 2.04.41 PM



Ashack’s past Twitter profile said she was an “economist at U.S. Department of Labor BLS.” But her new Twitter profile no longer includes any note about her work for the government, which has led to some speculation that she was already fired from BLS. More

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