Lavoy Finicum’s Widow Says She’ll File Lawsuit In Husband’s Death

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(KUTV) Following Tuesday’s announcement by Oregon State Police saying the shooting of LaVoy Finicum was “justified,” the Finicum family announced they will be filing a lawsuit.

In a St. George press conference Tuesday, Jeanette Finicum, LaVoy’s widow, said she’s been working closely with attorneys who have already begun to assemble a team.

“[We have a] trial team of investigators, paralegals, videographers and writers to make sure that the man who shot my husband in the back and all those who were accomplices will face justice,” Finicum said.

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Finicum stated that they will soon be filing the Oregon 30.275 notice that precedes a lawsuit for wrongful death and civil rights violations.

“My lawyers believe we can show that was not their goal because there is no better evidence of their intent than their actions,” Finicum said.

Finicum said she and her attorneys believe the authorities will have a hard time squaring their actions with the Attorney General’s statements when we next get into court.

“My attorneys tell me that we will have to get past the motion to dismiss the civil rights action,” Finicum said.

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