Law Enforcement Under Attack; Strike Back At Obama’s Lack Of Support

You would think after 8 years, law enforcement would know that being on the side of the criminals is just what Obama does. Typical Obama-Alinsky game. Create and incite riots, stand back, and wait for violence to escalate then watch the results on the evening news.

Washington Examiner:

Law enforcement forced into the middle of a dispute over a North Dakota pipeline clash condemned President Obama for shrugging off the violence as a game to be “played out.”

Reacting to Obama’s Tuesday comments, National Sheriffs’ Association Executive Director and CEO Jonathan Thompson said, “Mr. President, this is not a game. As we saw in Iowa this morning, where two police officers were ambushed and murdered, law enforcement is real life and, all too often, real death.”

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Obama said that while he is eager to see a resolution to the protest, including a rerouting of the pipeline away from Native American grounds, his comments gave short shrift to the growing violence against officers caught in the middle. More

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