Lawyer ➠ Ferguson Officers Shot ‘Accidentally’


Lawyer: Ferguson Officers Shot ‘Accidentally’

The last round of violence in Ferguson was an accident, according to the lawyer defending a man suspected of shooting two police officers in Ferguson last week. Defense attorney Jerryl Christmas said that his client was not targeting police officers or aiming at the demonstrators.

Defense attorney Jerryl Christmas also suggested Monday that St. Louis County police may have used excessive force when arresting the suspect, Jeffrey Williams, saying his client had bruises on his back, shoulders and face and a knot on his head.

The police countered the attorney’s statement, saying the excessive force accusation was “completely false.” Suspect Jeffery Williams was seen by a nurse before he was admitted to lockup. Williams appeared in court yesterday on charges of felony assault, armed criminal action and a weapons offense.

“This wasn’t any type of ambush shooting,” Christmas said in an interview with The Associated Press, countering an earlier description by St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar of the March 12 shooting outside Ferguson police headquarters. “Those officers were shot accidentally.”

Christmas said that Williams was aiming at someone with which he had a dispute. Police are skeptical of that claim. “We’re not sure we completely buy that part of it,” the prosecutor said Sunday.

The shooting took place after a DOJ report found racial bias from the city’s police. Williams is being held on $300,000.

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