Far Left Has All New Idiotic Idea: Stop Economic Growth (Video)

Venezuela has stopped their economic growth and it does not appear it has led to happiness or well being. Just saying!

How much do you want to bet that this guy has a big house, cars, and consumes more energy than a small city does in a month?

Washington Examiner: Even the Soviets sought to maximize economic output. But today’s contemporary far-left are far bolder: they believe that economics itself is wrong.

From their perspective, government shouldn’t simply control the means of economic production (socialism), it should actively work to reduce gross domestic product (GDP).

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Enter Dr. Jason Hickel of the London School of Economics, a man on a crusade to end “the tyranny of GDP.”

In an interview for BBC’s Newsnight show on Thursday, Hickel called for “degrowth.” Ignoring energy innovation in fracking, nuclear power, renewables, and battery-based power systems, Hickel claimed that Earth is running out of resources. Rich nations are apparently to blame because we “use three times our fair share of bio-capacity.”

Hickel then claims that degrowth is not the same as “austerity” (reduced government spending). Instead, he says, “the goal is to increase human well-being and happiness while reducing our economic footprint.”


Nevertheless, Hickel makes this sound very easy. He claims that we can “cut excess consumption by curbing advertising and taxing carbon.”

Also by “introducing a basic income and a shorter working week would allow us to get rid of unnecessary jobs.” More

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