Leftist Race Protesters Storm Brooklyn College Faculty Meeting… Demand All Zionists Removed From Campus

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Far left race protesters broke into a Brooklyn College faculty meeting on Tuesday. The mob demanded all Zionists be removed from campus and singled out one professor as a “Zionist pig.”

Israel National News reported, via Vlad Tepes:

Student protesters broke into a Brooklyn College faculty meeting on Tuesday, issuing demands and verbally abusing staff members.

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One faculty member who spoke to the JTA on condition of anonymity described the protest’s anti-Semitic rhetoric.


Protesters called a Jewish professor present at the meeting a “Zionist pig” and demanded that the school throw “Zionists off campus”. Other demands included an end to unspecified “racist” classes and wage hikes for teachers.


State Assemblyman Dov Hikind condemned the protesters, calling the incident an “absolute disgrace”.

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