Leftists Embarrass Themselves On Guns In Schools Debate

“Something like a taser would have done well” says Erin Thomas, of the Brady Campaign, in the case of Sandy Hook, when responding to a question on bean bag rounds and tasers for school security. Obviously she has no idea how a taser works or no idea how a rifle works.

“Ask the President, or a Governor, or a media personality, or a rock star, anyone who has armed guards if that [taser, bean bag rounds] would be OK with them. To stop unlawful deadly force, you need lawful deadly force” says Bob Larimer in response. “Whatever the gun laws are, they violate multiple gun laws, so it doesn’t matter. They don’t care about gun laws”

Teacher Drew Persse responds by saying these are “Knee jerk reactions to some of these horrible events that have happened… More gun control, and more money for preventative things. I don’t have a problem with the 2nd Amendment, I think it’s fine. I think it was created for a reason, to protect from the British, protect your house and things.

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