Liberal CNN Hack BUSTED Editing Photo To Trash President Trump

Since when is being an old straight white man a crime? I’m getting really sick of all these racist, sexist leftist pigs trying to make race, gender, and age, some kind of automatic indictment.

CNN has demonstrated how worthless it is as a news source and so has Ana Navarro.

CNN Anti-Trump Hack is BUSTED!

Liberal CNN Hack Ana Navarro Caught Editing Photo to Trash POTUS Trump

And Ana Navarro is reportedly the REPUBLICAN contributor at CNN!

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On Sunday morning Ana Navarro – a Hillary Clinton supporter – ripped President Trump and Republicans in a racist and sexist tweet.

Navarro attacked the “orangey” hues of President Trump and accused him of only meeting with “10 old straight white men” at Camp David.

But then this happened…

The original photo was discovered and contains a woman.

Navarro edited out the woman in the photo to attack Trump.


BUSTED! Liberal CNN Hack Caught Editing Photo To Trash President Trump


The only person Navarro cropped out was the woman.

Via Red State Watching and Alter Yeshiva:

Read more at TGP.

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