Liberal Democratic Activist: “Kill All Men”

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Liberal Democratic Activist: “Kill All Men”

Democrats only canned her after people complained, but obviously, they would have known about here attitudes when she was put on the committees.

Via Breitbart:

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A Liberal Democrat activist who sits on two national party committees has been suspended from her regional party after a string of sexist comments on social media. The activist in question, Sarah Noble, made multiple tweets of a disturbingly hateful nature, including “kill all men”, “fuck men”, and “die cis[gendered]scum”.


The comments were brought to light by by HEqual, a gender egalitarian campaigning group. After being made aware of them, former Lib Dem Equalities Minister Jo Swinson was quick to condemn Noble’s comments. Writing on Facebook, Swinson said the comments were “completely unacceptable” and “in no way represent the views of Liberal Democrats”. The former Minister also said that Noble has been asked to delete her tweets and apologise. No apology has yet been forthcoming. More

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