Liberals Don’t Want Equality, They Want Revenge


You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again: “We just want equality for all,” “Everyone needs to pay their ‘fair share,’” “They’re being oppressed,” “Conservatives are rich white people who don’t care about anyone but themselves.”

Frankly, I’ve had enough, and it’s time to tell it like it is.

The progressive movement, at its core, is not truly about helping people, equality, or compassion; it is all about control and revenge.

Liberals want to control how much sugar you consume, whether you buy health insurance or not, where your kids go to school (by stopping school choice), if and when you can talk on your cell phone in a car, what your kids are allowed to eat for lunch,  how much electricity you can use before paying an extra tax, whether you can use gender hostile words such as “he” or “she,” and then after slaving away for your entire life to build a home and financial nest egg for your loved ones, liberals want to tax your grieving family members who have inherited your assets when you die.

We’re told over and over these policies are necessary in order to help those desperately in need: the starving, the sick, the homeless, and the downtrodden. If only U.S. conservatives could stop being so selfish, all of the world’s problems would be solved!

The only problem is even a momentary glance at “progressive” strongholds shows their policies do nothing to help down-on-their luck Americans.

Detroit, a city dominated by the Democrat machine for decades, is one of America’s “most miserable cities,” which should come as no surprise considering it has one of the highest rates of violent crime, arson crime, and poverty. Of the top seven cities that experienced the highest increase in murders thus far in 2015, six (Milwaukee, St. Louis, Baltimore, Washington, DC, New Orleans, and Chicago) have almost exclusively been run by liberals over the past 50 years. Of America’s top 10 most impoverished cities, as reported by CBS News, seven are full-blown progressive bastions. More

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