Liberals Want to Give Unions More Power in Missouri

Liberals want to give unions more power in Missouri… Vote “YES” on Prop A to protect worker freedom in Missouri…

In 2017 Missouri became the 28th Right to Work State. Right to work ends forced unionism and lets workers decide whether joining a union best serves their interests.

Right to work allows more companies to do business in Missouri.

But the unions want to overturn the Missouri Right to Work laws — they want the forced dues from Missouri workers.

Voters in Missouri will vote on Right to Work on August 7th.

Guest post by Former Missouri State Senator John Loudon

20 years ago, I was a young state lawmaker constantly on the lookout for ways to improve my state when I found myself seated next to a state economic development bureaucrat at a conference and seized the opportunity to challenge my assumptions.

I wondered whether the changes I was seeking to help my state matched her expertise. As our Democrat Governor had appointed her boss, a former Democrat lawmaker, I was stunned by her answer to my question, “What is the number one thing I can do to help you attract more businesses to Missouri?”

Her response, “Right to work. Hands down. Nothing else comes even close.”

She reported that fully 50% of the inquiries our economic development office receives from businesses considering relocating to Missouri eliminate any state that is not right to work. Her testimony was so powerful because she made it at her own peril, should I quote her or betray her confidence. Democrat politicians who challenge labor unions become former politicians. Her utter lack of hesitation told me she was so frustrated by being charge with helping her state while being hamstrung and wanted to tell someone who would listen.

Anyone whose job is recruiting businesses for a state knows these facts. Sadly, labor leaders desperate to hold power and confuse voters. They have even enlisted former St. Louisan, John Goodman to say the right to work (to take a job without being forced to join a union) is “about corporate greed” and “gives big business and out-of-state corporations the right to pay you less than they do now.”

Goodman is lying.

There is zero provision in the right to work law regarding pay. In fact, someone paying dues to a union can choose to quit paying dues and give him or herself a pay raise! Read more TGP.


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