Liberals Want To Ban The Confederate Flag, But Their One Major Problem

Liberals Want To Ban The Confederate Flag, But Their One Major Problem

This past week in Charleston, South Carolina, a tragedy occurred that claimed innocent lives in a senseless act of cruelty. Dylann Roof gunned down church-goers in their place of worship because they were black. This massacre by an evil person has now opened the door for the liberal left to wage war again against the south. The attack is against southern heritage and history.

They believe that the Confederate flag that flies over government buildings is a symbol of hatred, and now it must be removed from all of them. These leftists activists have created a petition on, crying that the Confederate flag is symbol of hate. Do they really know what this flag even means?

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To begin with, this is not the confederate flag, but it is the “Battle Flag of Northern Virginia.” The history of the flag holds a deeper meaning than what has been taught to us in school. Do they even know what the thirteen stars represent on this flag?

These stars represent the thirteen original colonies from which the United States began. Each one of these separate colonies had its own unique system of self-government, that is until the start of the war of “northern aggression.” That is when the northern states began to usurp authority over the southern states.

Does the Confederate flag represent racism or heritage?

With all the screeching from the left to remove the flag, Senator Lindsey Graham spoke up and defended it. “The flag represents to some people a civil war, and that was the symbol of one side. To others it’s a racist symbol, and it’s been used by people, it’s been used in a racist way,” he said.

Graham has traveled back to South Carolina and suggested that racial issues are not from symbols, but what is in people’s hearts. “It works here, that’s what the Statehouse agreed to do. You could probably visit other places in the country near some symbol that doesn’t quite strike you right,” he said. More


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