Limbaugh ➠ Obama Abandoning Israel ‘An Act of Hate’

Limbaugh ➠ Obama Abandoning Israel ‘An Act of Hate’


Limbaugh: Obama Abandoning Israel ‘An Act of Hate’

On his radio show Monday, Rush Limbaugh addressed the “distressing” news coming out about the Obama administration’s Middle East maneuvering, particularly in regard to America’s most important ally in the region, Israel. Citing a “credible” rumor “percolating” in Washington that Obama intends to “abandon Israel,” in part by using the United Nations to force it to enact a two-state solution, Limbaugh said there’s only one thing that could be motivating the administration’s treatment of Israel: “hate.”

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Limbaugh began the segment by describing the “depressing” but “all too predictable” rumors circulating Washington about Obama’s plan to turn his back on Israel:

LIMBAUGH: Man, oh, man, the news coming out of there is distressing, it’s depressing, but it’s all too predictable.  One of the sidebar news stories about the Iranian nuclear talks is that Obama, there’s a credible train of thought, folks, that is percolating inside the Beltway and up to New York, the New York-Washington corridor, that Obama is officially, within the next few months or so, is officially going to abandon Israel as a United States ally. 

Limbaugh suggested that Obama’s idea for how to finally “solve” the ever elusive promise of “peace in the Middle East” appears to be “rip[ping]the cord” and abandoning America’s essential ally by “going to the United Nations, getting a resolution demanding a two-state solution and divvying up Jerusalem and giving part of it to […] the Palestinians.” Should the administration actually take the step, Limbaugh said, it would be “a total sellout of the Israelis” and could only be motivated by “hate”:

LIMBAUGH: Now, I’m here to tell you, I don’t know if there’s any truth to this, but with Obama the experience teaches us never to discount these kinds of things, because they actually make perfect sense if you put them in context of the US foreign policy mission and directives during this administration.  Folks, this is an act of hate.  I mean, I hate to be so blunt about it, but that’s what this is. […]


This scuttlebutt that Obama is finally gonna just rip the cord, so to speak, and disown Israel and go to the United Nations and let a Security Council resolution or some other kind of resolution actually establish the Middle East peace process results, there’s only one thing that can be motivating or inspiring that, and that’s hate.  And sadly, it’s predictable. 

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