Limbaugh Blasts Obama ➠ Climate Change “One Of The Biggest Scams Ever Perpetrated On The People Of The World”



Limbaugh Blasts Obama: Climate Change “One Of The Biggest Scams Ever Perpetrated On The People Of The World”…

Via Daily Caller:

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Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh blasted President Barack Obama’s insistence that climate change “poses the world’s biggest threat” Monday after hundreds drowned trying to flee Libya and ISIS beheaded more Christians over the weekend.


Opening his Monday program, Limbaugh called climate change “one of the biggest scams that has ever been perpetrated on the people of the world,” adding that the whole idea isn’t “even worth a factual discussion.”


The comments Limbaugh was questioning came from Obama’s weekly address on Saturday, in which he said there is “no greater threat” than climate change ahead of Earth Day, which he plans to spend in the Florida Everglades.


“The point is that we got Iran on the verge of a nuclear weapon. ISIS is on the march beheading and killing Christians everywhere…There is mass murder, there is death, there is mayhem, there is torture, there is slavery. The human condition is in great peril all over the world,” Limbaugh said. “And here he comes again, Barack Hussein O, the President of the United States on Saturday saying that climate change poses the world’s biggest threat. It’s just silly. It’s not even worth a factual discussion.”


“Even though there hasn’t been any increase in the world’s temperature for 18 years and even if it were to happen, even if the global warming that is predicted by these baseless computer models, even if it were to happen exactly as the models say, it’s not the end of anything,” Limbaugh continued. More

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