Video ➠ AFDI/Jihad Watch Muhammad Art Exhibit & Cartoon Contest


LIVESTREAM: AFDI/Jihad Watch Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest

For those who could not attend this historic event in person, the United West will be livestreaming it. Tune in at 5pm CENTRAL Time (6pm Eastern) when the action starts. Just click on the video below.

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The Dallas Morning News framed it this way:

For the second time this year, free speech and religious liberties are colliding at Garland ISD’s Curtis Culwell Center.

Religious liberties? How cynical. Religious liberty to silence free speech and impose draconian sharia speech restrictions on non-Muslims? The word liberty in describing supremacism is monstrously Orwellian.

Opponents say the American Freedom Defense Initiative’s Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest on Sunday will be an attack on Islam.

How is free speech an attack on Islam? And why are they portrayed as the victim when we are the victims of supremacism and jihad?

But its organizers, who booked the event after a controversial pro-Islamic event used the center in January, say they are simply exercising their right of expression.


The contest, which is offering a top prize of $10,000, has received about 350 entries depicting Muhammad. But caricatures of the Islamic prophet are considered offensive by many Muslims.


In January, a French newspaper that published such cartoons was attacked by terrorists and 12 people died.


In January, a French newspaper that published such cartoons was attacked by terrorists and 12 people died. More

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