Video: Protest And Draw Mohammed Contest At Phoenix Mosque


Livestream: Protest And Draw Mohammed Contest At Phoenix Mosque

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This is a protest outside the mosque where the two Garland attackers came from. The protest is also to hold a contest to ‘Draw Mohammed. It was met by a counter protest.

Silly Fox 10 folks ‘beware, a lot of these people are armed’. Oh no, you might see a gun! ‘We can’t guarantee what signs you might see, or what language’. Because you adults may be offended and hence triggered!

Here’s another feed on the ground.

Armed men are NOT terrorizing a U.S. mosque. This is a mosque that yielded two terrorists that went to Garland and shot up that event. The protesters are the ones who have been threatened with death, not the mosque goers.

The Fox commenters are not mentioning why the protest is at this particular mosque, or the connection to the Garland shooting. They just specifically said the people in the mosque don’t believe in the violence of ISIS. Well, they just had two members on behalf of ISIS shoot up the Garland event. So how can these commenters actually say that in all honesty?

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