Los Angeles Mayor Signs $15.00 Minimum Wage Hike Into Law


More workers to lose jobs.

Via Reuters

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti on Saturday signed a law hiking the city’s minimum wage from $9 an hour to $15 by 2020, an increase that will affect hundreds of thousands of workers.

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Garcetti, speaking in English and Spanish, told a crowd of hundreds at the signing event that he wanted to lift the city’s lowest-paid workers out of poverty.


“Too many Angelenos have been left behind even as we’ve put the recession in the rearview mirror,” he told union representatives, immigration and activists at the ceremony.


The Los Angeles City Council approved the wage hike in May with a 14-1 vote. The law requires businesses with 25 or more employees to increase pay for minimum wage workers to $15 by 2020.


The pay hikes start in July 2016 with a jump to $10.50. Smaller businesses will have an extra year to meet the new minimums.


Opponents say the law will place an unfair burden on small businesses and will drive employers away from the city.


Addressing those concerns, Garcetti said: “We would not have done this if we believed this would hurt our economy.” More

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