Madison Board Member Caught On Tape Unlocking Police Building Doors To Protest Mob ➠ Video

leland panVIDEO=> Madison Board Member Caught on Tape Unlocking Police Building Doors to Protest Mob

A far left Dane County Board member surrendered his keys and pass card to the City-County building after unlocking the doors for protesters the night Tony Robinson was shot by police.

Leland Pan unlocked the City-Conty Building to the protest mob.

Surveillance video captured Leland Pan unlocking the doors to the police headquarters for over 100 protesters the night officer Matt Kenny shot and killed Tony Robinson.

The protesters were shouting, “Kill the cops!” and, “We have guns, too!”

WHBL reported:

A Dane County Board member has surrendered his keys and pass card to the City-County Building, for letting late night protesters into the facility just six hours after the Madison Police shooting of Tony Robinson.


The DeForest Times-Tribune first reported that Supervisor Leland Pan helped let over 100 protesters enter the building that houses the Madison Police Department just after midnight on March 7th. That was soon after officer Matt Kenny shot and killed Robinson.


In a complaint letter, Police Chief Mike Koval said his officers were stretched thin enough at the time, and they needed to bring additional officers to the City-County Building. The chief said it was an “irresponsible act.”


They did not reach the secured police quarters, but Koval said officers and others who worked throughout the building were scared for their safety. He said the group yelled things like “Kill the cops,” and “We have guns, too.”


The Wisconsin State Journal said Koval considered seeking charges against Supervisor Pan, but decided against it.

Badger Pundit put this video montage together on Madison’s Benedict Arnold Leland Pan.

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