Madison, WI ➠ City Council Adds Atheist, Non-Religious To Anti-Discrimination Law



Madison, WI City Council Adds Atheist, Non-Religious To Anti-Discrimination Law…

Explanation for this: “I think there’s discrimination against atheists”…

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Via Truth Revolt:

It is unlawful in Madison, Wisconsin to discriminate against people based on their race, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs. And now, thanks to a motion passed in the city council, people’s non-religious beliefs are a part of that list as well.


Alder Anita Weier explained to the Associated Press the reasons why she brought forth the amendment:


“It just seems to me that religion has spread into government more than I feel comfortable with. It just occurred to me that religion was protected, so non-religion should be, too.”


Speaking to the Wisconsin Gazette in April, Weier revealed further motivations for her actions:


“It was something I’ve been thinking about for quite a while. I’m not running for reelection, so it’s something that I wanted to get passed before I left office. Anyone who was seeking reelection might not have introduced it.”


Weier made it clear to the AP that the council’s decision had nothing to do with the religious freedom bills introduced in Indiana and Arkansas. She also indicated that no particular situation, nor complaint, had arisen in the city, home to the vocal Atheist group Freedom from Religion Foundation, to cause a need for such an ordinance. It was all based on Weier’s suspicion: “I think there’s discrimination against atheists.” More

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