Major Garrett GRILLS Earnest ➠ Does Obama View Netanyahu In Same Light As Putin?

Major Garrett GRILLS Earnest ➠ Does Obama View Netanyahu In Same Light As Putin

CBS’s Major Garrett took White House press secretary Josh Earnest to task Friday, asking him if President Barack Obama views Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin in the same light.

The questioning, which seemed to catch Earnest slightly off guard, came after Obama referred to his “business-like relationship” with Netanyahu, the same phrasing he used to describe his relationship with the Russian President in June, 2014.

“On Tuesday, the president described his relationship with Benjamin Netanyahu as business-like. Did he mean that? Did he misspeak?” Garrett asked during Friday’s White House briefing.

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“Not that I’m aware of,” Earnest told Garrett.

“Only reason I ask is the person he describes a business-like relationship with is Vladimir Putin,” Garrett said flatly. “And I’m seriously asking if the president views Benjamin Netanyahu in the same light that he views Vladimir Putin? More

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