Malkin Takes On Evasive Hillary Clinton & ‘Wealth-Shaming’ Obama ➠ Video

Malkin Takes On Evasive Hillary Clinton & 'Wealth-Shaming' Obama

Malkin Takes On Evasive Hillary Clinton, ‘Wealth-Shaming’ Obama on Fox & Friends

Michelle Malkin stopped by “Fox and Friends” this morning to react to the latest developments surrounding Hillary Clinton and give us some details on her brand new book.

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Clinton finally answered a few questions from reporters during a campaign event in Iowa yesterday, declaring that she wants all of her private emails to be released as soon as possible by the State Department.

She also referred to longtime Clinton confidant Sidney Blumenthal as an “old friend.” Blumenthal’s correspondence with Clinton during her time as secretary of state was reported this week by The New York Times.

Malkin joked that Clinton “lays it on thicker than a John Deere manure spreader,” arguing that the Clintons don’t ever answer questions, they “evade them.”

And she criticized the Times for taking so long to report on Blumenthal’s relationship with Clinton while she worked as secretary of state.

“[The story] has been floating around for months now about Sid ‘Vicious’ Blumenthal, the hitman, working his magic behind the scenes there,” said Malkin. More

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