Man Arrested For Wearing THIS Hat At Protest… Cop Offers Absurd Explanation (Video)

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While attending a peaceful protest, a man decided to wear a simple hat, which is widely available at party shops and is normally worn by children. That turned out to be a bad decision, and he was swiftly arrested for his statement. The reason given by the arresting police officers serves as warning to all — certain speech is no longer allowed.

Protests over the Muslim refugee crisis are heating up, with thousands coming out to show support. One peaceful protest became too much for the far left, who are on a mission to stop any attention to the Muslim refugee problem. Leftist officials are so scared that Muslim’s might take offense, they had police arrest a man wearing a simple kid’s hat, presuming it might offend a Muslim. Caught on video, the shocking arrest is going viral.

The man, Edwin Wagensveld, is part of the group called Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West (PEGIDA). Wagensveld, wearing a hat shaped as a pink pig, is under arrest for “provocative behavior.” The behavior a pig’s hat is provoking can only be by Muslim extremists. Sane people are not going crazy over a pig’s hat.

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The protest took place in the Netherlands, in a town where 1,400 refugees will soon arrive. The Dutch government wants no media attention to their refugee crisis, and the police are taking their commands from government officials who want to stop these protests. More

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