Man Harasses Kellyanne At Supermarket, She Roast Him

Maxine Waters should have been censored by Congress. Calling for harassment and civil disobedience bordering on violent anarchy is criminal.

Liberals are now holding the world record for the longest temper tantrum. The crybaby tears started in Nov. 2016, and still haven’t stopped.

Hey leftists, Conservatives are starting to push back… How far do you want to go with all of this?

Daily Caller:

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Trump administration officials have increasingly become subjects of public harassment after Maxine Waters called for Trump critics to “create a crowd” whenever they see a Trump official in public.

Over the past month Sarah Sanders, Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller and DHS Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen have been harassed and verbally accosted while in public.

In a recent Washington Post regarding the topic of harassment Trump officials receive in public, Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway recalled how a man harassed her while she was shopping in a supermarket for her family. Kellyanne, a mother of four, was shopping when an angry man sneered, “You ought to be ashamed of yourself! Go look in the mirror!”

Without missing a beat, Kellyanne replied, “Mirrors are in aisle nine — I’ll go get one now.” More

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