Man Shows 20 Muslims Sneaking Onto Property Why He’s Called “Destroyer” (Video)

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MWN: A man was out on an ATV, patrolling his border property one day, when he spotted a group of Muslim illegals hopping his fence. Running towards him, the aggressive male migrants decided to try to take out the man on his own land, however, it didn’t take long for them to realize how he got his terrifying nickname.

Dinko “The Destroyer” Valev is a Bulgarian strongman who lives out in the country on the Bulgarian-Turkish border town of Yambol. Because he spends much of his time racing around his acreage on a four-wheeler, he’s been extremely successful in preventing his land from being a bridge to the European dream for savage illegals.

According to Bulgarian TV News Online, Valev is well-known by the authorities, having acted as a one-man border patrol for the area against illegal immigration. When he saw a large group of Muslims trespassing on his property Wednesday, it was the perfect opportunity to show them why he’s feared among law-breakers.

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Valev told reporters that as soon as one of the men spotted him on his ATV, he immediately rushed the Bulgarian, according a translation by Fortunately, the strongman was well-prepared for situations such as these.

“Suddenly someone jumped out of the bushes in front of me,” he recounted. “I did not know he was a migrant at first. I stopped and got off the ATV to see what’s going on, he rushed me trying to take me down, possibly to steal the ATV. I punched him a couple of times and he went down. I kicked him 3 times for good measure and he started yelling some ‘allah-mallah.’” More


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