Man Staring Down Death With Gun In His Face ➠ Experiences Sudden Miracle

Man Staring Down Death With Gun In His Face, Experiences Sudden Miracle

Man Staring Down Death With Gun In His Face, Experiences Sudden Miracle

Shaquille Hairston, 21-year-old Pre-Med Student

At the end of a long day of college courses, followed by his shift at a Cleveland hotel, 21-year-old Shaquille Hairston was heading home for the night at around 3:00 a.m. He boarded the bus and didn’t realize there was a shady character following his footsteps, until the suspect’s gun was to his head, demanding all the his belongings. In that life and death moment, Hairston prepared himself for the worst, in the only way he knew how. Suddenly, a miracle happened that he was expecting.

When the student exited the bus near his home in Euclid, Ohio, the man who had been lurking in his shadow got off at the same stop. He followed Hairston for several blocks before making his move. The mugger demanded the student hand over his wallet and phone, before ruthlessly pistol-whipping him in the head when Hairston insisted that he didn’t have anything of value, Fox 8 reported.

In a frantic moment of compliance, Hairston handed over his belongings, under the pressure of the weapon in front of him. Sensing as though this would be his last moments on earth and his life was about to be cut tragically short, the Christian student began praying for God to come near. He selflessly poured prayer over the assailant and his family, and declared his faith in the Lord.

Suddenly, the situation took an abrupt turn, when the thug handed Hairston his stuff back, apologized profusely, and begged for his forgiveness, saying he had targeted the wrong kind of person.

“Then he was like, ‘Man, just keep your stuff. I’m so sorry for this. You were the wrong type of person to do this to,’” Hairston recalled of the unexpected miracle and immediate answer to prayer.

Man Staring Down Death With Gun In His Face, Experiences Sudden Miracle

The believer feels that this terrifying incident happened for a reason, that it was meant for both him and the thug, that they both needed to experience it for different reasons. The unnamed mugger explained he was unemployed and desperate, and this was his first time committing such a crime. Hairston said it was personally a wake-up call for him, but he hopes it will turn the criminal’s heart to God.

“My concern has been on him, and that God will touch his heart and tender his heart so he won’t even feel that he has to do that,” Hairston said, who knows that without a doubt God was with them both that night. More


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