‘Marginalized’ Students Make INSANE Demands… Threaten To ‘Mobilize’ If Ignored

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Truth Revolt:  An insane 19-page list including racial quotas and free money.

A group has formed at the University of Arizona that is demanding an end to alleged racism on campus, or else. They are the Marginalized Students of the University of Arizona and with this formation comes a 19-page list of demands the school must implement or they will “mobilize.”

The list is very detailed and covers a wide range of issues the group feels has largely been neglected by campus administration. The demands cover issues for black students, Asian students, LGBT students, Native American students, and female students.

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“It is important to note that these are Demands, not simply requests or suggestions,” the letter states. “Should these demands not be met or properly negotiated to our standards, we will mobilize our students.”

The demands are based around a “10-year plan” to “increase retention and graduation rates for marginalized students, sustain diversity curriculum and training, and promote a more safe and inclusive campus environment.” The goal of this plan is to directly affect the “finances, health and wellness” of students and faculty. More

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