Marie Harf Facebook Feuds With Her Mom’s Friend Over Daily Caller Article

Marie Harf Facebook Feuds With Her Mom's Friend Over Daily Caller Article

Marie Harf Facebook Feuds With Her Mom’s Friend Over Daily Caller Article

Today, Marie Harf had a bit of a snit when someone with whom she is personally acquainted shared a, ahem, less than flattering article about her from The Daily Caller. The article, Are We In Nursery School, tackles the already infamous “big words” moment from earlier this week, when Harf took peculiar exception to an op-ed by Henry Kissinger and George Shultz.

In an appearance on “The Hugh Hewitt Show” Wednesday night, New York Times columnist David Brooks blasted Harf’s response to Kissinger and Shultz’s piece, calling it “the lamest rebuttal” imaginable. Brooks also took shots at Harf for saying she heard “sort of big words and big thoughts” in the piece, asking “are we in nursery school?”

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The video (below) takes Harf’s seriousness apart at length, something that seems to have really made her super mad you guys. Ohio Attorney William Todd shared the article on his Facebook page, and that is when the magic happened. Marie Harf responded on the thread personally. -image-

Bill – I’m not sure how you could think this article accurately portrays me or how I view complicated foreign policy issues, given how long you’ve personally known me and my family. Does your hatred of this administration matter so much to you that it justifies posting a hurtful comment and a mean-spirited story about the daughter of someone you’ve known for years and used to call a friend? There’s a way to disagree with our policies without making it personal. Growing up in Ohio, that’s how I was taught to disagree with people. I hope your behavior isn’t an indication that’s changed.

For the record, the hurtful comment and article – screenshot 2 – “Team Obama bans polysyllabic words !!” Hateful? Sure, that’s one way to put it. Another way would be “pretty accurate.” She did sneer at the pollysyllabic composition of the aforementioned cogitation by erstwhile Secretaries of State Kissinger and Schultz, did she not? That would be a properly assessed recitation and transcription of said events as they occurred; both an accurate and wholly thouroughoing elucidation, is that not veracious? We happen across this story by way of a tweet from Rachel Mullen, also of Ohio. More


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