Marine Vet Banned From Daughter’s HS Graduation For Criticizing School’s ‘Promotion Of Islam’

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This year’s graduation at La Plata High School (MD) is scheduled for June 4, but Marine veteran John Kevin Wood might not be able to see his daughter — a member of the Class of 2016 — walk across that stage.

According to The Washington Post, Wood — who fought during Desert Storm — was banned from La Plata’s campus after complaining about the school’s promotion of Islam during the fall of his daughter’s junior year (October 2014) and sued the Charles County school system last month, seeking a reversal of the no-trespass order on the grounds that La Plata’s curriculum violated his “daughter’s civil and constitutional rights.”

Back in 2014, Wood asked administrators that his daughter be excused from lessons teaching about Islam in her world history class, as the “First Amendment prohibits the promotion of the religion of Islam over other faiths, such as Christianity or Judaism, in our public schools.”

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While he admits to threatening to “take his concerns public by going to the media and to lawyers,” he maintains he never physically threatened school staff or facilities. More

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