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Marine Vet’s Beloved American Flag Vandalized

Marine Vet's Beloved American Flag Vandalized

Marine Vet’s Beloved American Flag Drawn on By Vandals

Retired Marine Marvin Hernandez Garcia mounted an American flag in front of his house, the same flag that he carried with him on duty across five continents.

One morning last week, the vet woke up to find his car smashed with the flag pole and the flag desecrated with a marker.

“The message that I would like to say is America is still the greatest country in the world,” Hernandez Garcia said on “Fox and Friends Weekend.” “It’s not something that we are just brainwashed with. We are still the greatest country. We got problems. Everybody does.”

“The flag represents freedom. When you step on the flag, you really are stepping on those veterans that have really fought for you. And everybody else, including your own parents, grandparents and great-grandparents and so forth,” Hernandez Garcia said.

“So, if you are watching this, I would like to tell you, come and talk to me. Let’s talk about things. Let’s not destroy things. Our country needs dialogue more than violence.”

He said that social media has a major influence on people, so maybe someone saw the recent “stop the flag challenge” and was inspired. More

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