Mark Levin ➠ EPA Is Assaulting You… Pretends To Be Green When It’s Red ➠ Audio


Mark Levin: EPA Is Assaulting You… Pretends to Be Green When It’s Red (Audio)

Best-selling author and radio host Mark Levin told his audience the Environmental Protection Agency is “assaulting you” and “pretends to be green when it’s red.”

CNS News reported:
Here’s a transcript of what Levin said:

“So you had an editorial yesterday. And keep in mind, the editorial board of the New York ‘Slimes’ [The New York Times] is made up of individuals — left wing, radical, extreme editorial writers. And they go on about President Obama. The title of the editorial is ‘GOP Assault on Environmental Laws.’ Now, if you’ve listened to this program for any length of time, you know it’s the other way around.


“The Environmental Protection Agency is assaulting you. It’s shutting down coal mines, it’s shutting down coal-fired plants, it’s shutting down utilities, it is shutting down businesses and operations, it’s putting people out of work, it’s putting families on welfare lines, on Medicaid lines,” Levin said.


“That’s what the Environmental Protection Agency is doing, because it’s a radical outpost that pretends to be green, when in fact it’s red. It’s red, it’s commie, that’s what it is! And it has no respect for private property rights. None!


“And they go through on the Republican attack on clean water, on the Republican attack on climate change, the Republican attack on natural resources. You people are a bunch of creeps!

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