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Mark Levin ➠ The Clintons Must Be Prosecuted

Mark Levin: The Clintons Must Be Prosecuted

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Via Breitbart:

Talk radio host and author of “The Liberty Amendments,” Mark Levin argued the Clintons “must be prosecuted” for their dealings with the Clinton Foundation on Thursday.


Levin said, “we now know that major donors to the Clintons, their so-called library and foundation money laundering scheme, sold half of America’s uranium to Russia. Uranium, used, among other things, for nuclear weapons. 20% of all uranium deposits in the United States are now owned by the Russians. …They must be prosecuted, now these people have been treated like a king and a queen for too damn long.”


Levin added, “in the full light of day, in open debate, not in the controlled media, she will lose.” And “these people would sell anything for a buck, while they trash hardworking Americans who actually are successful without government handouts, without buying a patronage, and who knows whom, and all the rest of it. What needs to be toppled, Mrs. Clinton, is you, and your husband, and Obama.”

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