Mark Levin ➠ U.S. Gives Terrorists More Consideration Than Cops

U.S. Gives Terrorists More Consideration Than Cops

Mark Levin: U.S. Gives Terrorists More Consideration Than Cops

During a recent appearance on Fox News Channel’s Hannity, syndicated radio host Mark Levin responded to the controversial move by prosecutor Marilyn Mosby to bring charges against six police officers in connection with the death of suspect Freddie Gray. The state’s attorney has been criticized for reacting hastily to riots in Baltimore and the call for legal action against the police who took part in Gray’s arrest.

“Where are the civil libertarians?” Levin asked. “Where is the ACLU? Where are the real lawyers in America?”

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He said attorneys should be protesting what he described as a “travesty of justice” regarding the officers charged in the incident. While the initial response was a protest that soon turned violent and destructive, Levin concluded that the anti-police movement is currently flourishing in Mosby’s office.

“This is a disgrace,” he continued, “and the entire legal community should be rising up over this. Whatever happens in the courtroom, whatever happens with the judge and jury, so be it. But the way this prosecutor has conducted herself is outrageous.” More

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