Masked Antifa Members Harass Black Conservatives In Denver On MLK Day

White Antifa activists are accused of harassing black conservatives at a Denver MLK Day parade.

“Obviously they planned this in advance. They clearly just wanted to irritate, agitate, so they walked alongside us, in front of us, behind us, with their stupid little bandanas on. I don’t know how the Denver PD got tipped off, but they were right there, walking right alongside them as they walked alongside us.”

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For the ninth year in a row, the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives marched in the Martin Luther King Jr. parade in Denver, only this time, they were followed.

Eight to 10 masked antifa activists — all of them white — shadowed the marchers, walking in step with them for the entirety of the 3.1-mile route, and eventually drawing a police escort, said RMBC executive director Derrick Wilburn, who posted a photo of the leftist protesters on Facebook.

Mr. Wilburn said the activists’ intent was to harass the group of 40 to 50 conservatives, who included members of the Denver Republican Party and supporters of Casper Stockham, a black Republican seeking the party nomination to run against Democratic Rep. Jason Crow. More

So Virginia calls a state of emergency because white men showing their faces will be all over the city but white progressive activists in masks are in Denver harassing nonprogressives honoring for MLK?

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