Next Smoking Gun Video Drops: Proving The DNC & Clinton Campaign Commit Mass Voter Fraud

Next Smoking Gun Video Drops Proving The DNC & Clinton Campaign Commit Mass Voter Fraud

This just confirms what most of us have known for years the system is rigged! How are you expected to win if the other side constantly, openly and so blatantly cheats?


Project Veritas Action as promised delivering another smoking gun video PROVING the collusion and even criminal acts between the DNC,Clinton campaign and their operatives to commit mass voter fraud and rigging elections!

The level of corruption from the left is truly off the charts so much so the CRAP news media, including Fox News, REFUSES to cover this video exposé. If it was Woodward and Bernstein exposing Nixon they’d be all over these videos but because it shows corruption tied to Clinton they remain silent protecting unindicted felon Hillary Clinton. Their guilt is now on full display acting like Praetorian Guards for the most corrupt political party in US history.

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THIS IS WHY I and Sheriff Clarke and many others say it’s time for pitchforks and torches. What other recourse do we have NOW? Article V Convention is taking too long to organize. It will NOT solve problem with the media and any judicial, legislative, electoral etc action will have to take place before anything could be done anyway!  More

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