Crazy Aunt Maxine: Republicans Will Have To “Prove Their Patriotism” By Impeaching Trump (Video)

The fact that Maxine Waters doesn’t understand that you cannot impeach a president because you don’t like him, underscores her inability to sit in Congress. She is the poster child for term limits!

President Trump was duly elected by the people of the USA. This woman’s statement makes a mockery of the Constitution and the American people. 

Aunt Maxine is a disgrace and if anyone needs to “just get out” it’s clearly her! She is vile, disgusting, and willing to say and do anything to get revenge.


Maxine Waters and Joy Reid are quite a pair…This is what Democrats listen to and believe?

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“And let me just say this, I do believe that when this information is exposed – about the real connections between this president, Putin and Manafort, and Carter Page, and Michael Flynn, and all of them that we know have had some involvement with Putin and the oligarchs. When it comes out it’s going to be hard for some of those Republicans, who claim to be so patriotic, to stand with (Trump) and deny the facts,” Waters said.

“And so, the Republicans who claim to be very, very patriotic – they love this country more than anybody else, they are going to have to prove it when the facts are revealed,”

AM reports: “I believe, if the facts are unveiled – whether it’s in the next six months, before the November elections or after – that Republicans are going to be hard pressed to stand with this president and deny that he has colluded with Russia and that he’s obstructed justice,” Waters said.

“I think, even as Republicans see it now, some of them are whispering, they are embarrassed, they’re worried, they’re scared that this president is going to take them down eventually,” she said. “So I believe there is Republicans that will have to come out and agree with the facts that are going to be presented.”

Maxine Waters has been calling for impeachment for months…she’s an embarrassment to the Democrats.

Watch below and you’ll see this unhinged woman continue her mantra:

Mad Maxine Waters continues to berate President Trump and play the game of hate.  At what point does this become just pitiful and embarrassing to Democrats?

Maxine was attending the Time Magazine 100  as an honoree for something unearned (we’re sure). She was stopped on the red carpet by a Time reporter and asked, “If you had to give some advice to President Trump, what advice would you give him?”  All she could say was that she wants Trump to “just get out” of office…

“Please resign so that I won’t have to keep up this fight of your having to be impeached, because I don’t think you deserve to be there.

“Just get out!” 

President Trump is a duly elected president! What about that does Rep. Waters not get? Read more.
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