Austin Mayor Skipping Veterans Day Parade Over This!

Mayor Steve Adler won’t be marching in the Veteran’s Day parade because groups marching in the parade will be carrying the Confederate battle flag. This mayor would NOT have any qualms about standing by terrorists & welcoming them into his city.

While Mayor Steve Adler announced he will not march in Austin’s Veterans Day parade Saturday “because that parade will include groups carrying the Confederate flag,” organizers said the Parade Committee voted to ban the flag from the parade.

The parade, which will march down Congress Avenue, is set to take place at around 9:30 a.m. that day.

Instead, Adler said he will honor veterans on Veterans Day weekend by volunteering at the Central Texas Food Bank, which he said serves a large number of the local veteran community.

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Adler said in a statement that Veterans Day should only be about honoring United States Miliary Veterans.

“Symbols of racism, Civil War secession, and white supremacy should not be forgotten or erased, but they need to be remembered and studied in museums and classrooms, not cheered and applauded in parades,” Adler said.

In an interview, Adler said, “there are people in our community that feel great pain associated with having the confederate flag in the parade.” Read more at KHOU.
HT: Legal Insurrection

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