Meet the N.C. Mother Of Three ➠ Samantha Johnston ➠ Who’s Fighting ISIS

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Meet the N.C. Mother of Three, Samantha Johnston, Who’s Fighting ISIS in Iraq

A North Carolina mother of three has left her home and family to fight against ISIS in Iraq.

Gretchen Carlson reported on “The Real Story” today that Samantha Johnston, 25, of Emerald Isle, N.C., volunteered to serve with Kurdish Peshmerga troops. She is the only known American woman in Iraq involved in the fight against the terrorist group.

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“It was my choice. It was something that I decided and prayed about,” Johnston explained in an interview with KMSP-TV. “Luckily, my family – they don’t support me being here – but they’re being supportive, if that makes sense.”

“I told them that I was leaving for a little while to help other little children.” More

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