Megyn Kelly AND Rush Limbaugh Unite To Deliver Massive Message About Donald Trump

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On Monday, a liberal outlet known as The Daily Beast ran a salacious story about how 2016 GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s ex-wife Ivana Trump once accused him of raping her, though she later recanted that statement.

While speaking with one of the contributors responsible for the story on Tuesday night, Fox News host Megyn Kelly asked why the story was “relevant” given that the recanted accusation was decades old — not to mention the fact it was made during Donald and Ivana’s heated divorce hearings.

According to reports, contributor Tim Mak spewed some nonsense about how “because Trump made outlandish remarks about Mexican immigrant rapists, it was completely fair to look into whether Trump himself has ever faced such accusations.”

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But Kelly didn’t buy it.

“That doesn’t answer the question about whether your reporting is fair or relevant,” she fired back.

The truth is that it was neither fair nor relevant for The Daily Beast to try and paint Trump as some sort of rapist. It was simply “payback,” as conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh noted earlier that afternoon on his program (H/T Mediaite).


When Trump pointed out a few weeks ago that many illegal immigrants wind up committing rapes and murders, he really ticked off liberals. They could have just tried using facts to disprove Trump’s thesis, but they couldn’t because they knew he was right .

And so liberals did something else. They ran a “hit piece,” as Kelly referred to it, on Trump.

Kelly also wondered whether they would ever do the same thing on former President Bill Clinton and his sordid past (H/T Mediaite).


The answer is no, because what’s good for the conservative goose is apparently not good enough for the liberal gander, or so says the liberal mainstream media.

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