‘Where Is Your Humanity?’ ➠ Megyn Kelly Sounds Off About Planned Parenthood Video

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A newly released undercover video is raising questions about Planned Parenthood’s practices.

The shocking video, shot last July, shows Deborah Nucatola, Planned Parenthood’s senior director of medical research, having lunch with two undercover Center for Medical Progress activists. Nucatola discusses the body parts of aborted fetus and how they are in demand, Fox News reported.

Megyn Kelly and Dana Loesch got into a heated debate with Democratic strategist Robert Zimmerman about the content of the video tonight.

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Loesch said that she was infuriated when she watched the video and questioned why Planned Parenthood is trying to spin this issue.

Robert Zimmerman stated that he is “infuriated” by the fraud behind the video.

“Let’s call it what it is, this is right-wing pornography,” Zimmerman said. “The same individuals who produced this video have been called out by the press repeatedly … they have been nailed for making films that have been misleading.”

Kelly fired back at Zimmerman, stating that they didn’t force Nucatola to talk about “crushing fetal organs.”

“Where is your humanity on this Robert?” Kelly asked. “She is guzzling down wine and stuffing her face full of salad while she talks about the end of a potential life … I’m saying there ought to be some humanity and respect for the dignity of a potential life.”

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