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Megyn Kelly Interviews Rachel Dolezal’s Parents About Why She Pretended to Be Black

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Megyn Kelly Interviews Rachel Dolezal’s Parents About Why She Pretended to Be Black

Last week, Rachel Dolezal became the center of a firestorm after her parents revealed she has been lying about her race for years.

She announced in a Facebook post on Monday that she was resigning from her position as the president of the NAACP chapter in Spokane, Wash.

Her parents, Ruthann and Larry Dolezal, talked to Megyn Kelly tonight about their daughter’s estrangement from the family and their confusion about her behavior.

Kelly asked Larry Dolezal a few questions about allegations their daughter has made against them in the past, including if she was in fact, born in a teepee.

“No, she wasn’t born in a teepee. She was born in this room next to us here in our home,” Larry Dolezal replied.

Her mother explained how they found out their daughter was lying about her racial background.

“It was around 2007 when we first saw a newspaper article from the Spokane, Wash. area where Rachel had represented herself to the press as being African-American or biracial,” Ruthann Dolezal stated. “She’s not telling the truth.”

She also told Kelly her daughter did not want to communicate with them at all. More

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