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Megyn Kelly & Richard Fowler Engage In EPIC Duel Over SPLC’s ‘Women Against Islam’ Hate List


Megyn Kelly, Guest Engage in Epic Duel over SPLC’s ‘Women Against Islam’ Hate List

During Tuesday’s edition of The Kelly File on the Fox News Channel, host Megyn Kelly and liberal syndicated radio host Richard Fowler spared over a list from the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) that included drawings of women who have denounced radical Islam that include conservative authors Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham.

At numerous points during the heated five-minute-and-15-second segment (with the video being something that I highly recommend viewing), Kelly and Fowler found themselves repeatedly talking over each other, with Kelly denouncing the SPLC as a “careless organization that cares not at all about the safety of the people it condemns” and uses “far left websites that hate these women” to justify their arguments.

Meanwhile, Fowler accused women such as Coulter and activist Pamela Geller of “spreading hate” by “us[ing]the Bible and the cross” to attack “the Muslim faith” when they claim to “have a problem with a small subset of Muslims.”

One of the more headed portions began when Kelly brought up her FNC colleague Judge Jeanie Pirro as one of the women on the list and demanded Fowler to explain why someone like her would be on the list (as he largely defended the SPLC’s actions). More

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