Megyn to Cruz ➠ Your Critics Question What You’ve ‘Actually Accomplished’

Megyn to Cruz ➠ Your Critics Question What You've 'Actually Accomplished'

Megyn to Cruz: Your Critics Question What You’ve ‘Actually Accomplished’

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) tonight reacted to the media’s criticism of him following his announcement that he’ll run for president.

“There’s nothing like the warm embrace of the mainstream media,” he quipped.

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Megyn Kelly noted that both the Wall Street Journal and Charles Krauthammer have compared Cruz to then-Sen. Barack Obama, noting that we’ve already had a first-term senator for president.

“There are marked differences between my background and Barack Obama’s,” Cruz said, explaining that Cruz has led on issues of the day, while Obama was more of a “back bencher” in the Senate. Before serving in the Senate, Cruz said he wasn’t a community organizer like Obama, but rather solicitor general of Texas.

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