Megyn To Psaki ➠ Did Anybody Give 2 Nickels About Public’s Right to See Hillary Emails?

'Did Anybody Give 2 Nickels' About Public's Right to See Hillary Docs

Megyn to Psaki: Did Anybody Give 2 Nickels About Public’s Right to See Hillary Emails?

Megyn Kelly tonight pressed State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki over Hillary Clinton’s email controversy, asking if anybody gave “two nickels” about the public’s right to see Clinton’s documents.

Kelly questioned whether anyone from the State Department sat down with Clinton and had a discussion with her about where her documents were and how they would be tracked.

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Psaki said that there has long been a responsibility placed on the outgoing employee to account for his or her emails. Psaki noted that she didn’t work at the State Department when Clinton left, so she can’t speak to the specific steps Clinton took when she left.

The State Department spokesperson also explained why Clinton would not have signed the OF-109 separation statement. Psaki said that former secretaries of state “want to remain accessible” to future secretaries and presidents, which is why they maintain their security clearance. Psaki added that former secretaries may also want access to their files for future books.

But Kelly said that’s “just not true” according to State Department officials that “The Kelly File” has spoken with. She said that outgoing employees don’t sacrifice their security clearance by handing in this document.

“Here is what I am trying to get at,” Kelly said. “Did anybody give two nickels about the public’s right to see those documents?  […] She thinks they are hers. They are not, they are ours. They are mine, they’re yours, they are my audience’s and she had them hoarded on her server in Chappaqua or wherever it was, and I am wondering if anybody at State did anything to ensure that the public had the right to access them.” More

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