Member Of Team Clinton Behind The ‘Deport Racism’ Video With Children Cursing

Member Of Team Clinton Behind The ‘Deport Racism’ Video With Children Cursing

The man behind the video is also behind the BillForFirstLadyPAC.

Via Breitbart:

Meet Luke Montgomery, aka The Artist Formerly Known As Luke Sissyfag, the man behind the latest and perhaps most vulgar attacks on GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump yet.

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Montgomery is the founder and treasurer of a new Democrat-aligned political action committee called Deport Racism who made headlines this week for his latest SHOCKING!!! Activism, including a video showing grinning children raising their middle fingers to the camera and saying “Fuck you, racist fuck!!!” and an offer to pay $5,000 to anyone for disrupting the taping of Saturday Night Live when Donald Trump is the host this weekend. Montgomery is also the campaign director for a pro-Hillary Clinton PAC active during the summer of 2015 called “” More

Warning: this video contains very explicit language.

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