Memorial For Dead Toddler Removed Because The Bible Is Offensive

Memorial For Dead Toddler Removed Because the Bible is Offensive

“I just could not believe that they would take something away from my precious little baby like that.”



City officials in backtrack mode are denying that the reason they recently removed a park bench that was a memorial to a 16-month old baby who was killed in a car crash was that it featured Bible verses and crosses. But that is the reason that was given to those who placed the memorial in the first place, as reported by Fox 8 in Elkin, North Carolina:

When the bench was removed on Monday, Crosswhite says he was told that it was because the bench had a Bible verse and two crosses engraved on it.

16-month-old son Mason was killed in a car crash earlier this year. Friends of the family and Elkin High School alumni got together to create and place the engraved metal bench near a park where the child used to play. They were given permission by the city’s parks and recreation director, Adam McComb, according to Ben Crosswhite, who helped put it there.

But those officials took it down because Christianity is offensive. They put it in storage, and left the mother to find out on her own. “One day we come down here with this beautiful bench and tears of joy and now it’s being taken away, as if we haven’t been through enough already,” Roten told Fox 8. But that same official who offered permission according to the family and friends now denies he did so.

He states that permission was never given, that it was only noticed on Monday (although the accident that claimed the child’s life was in August and the memorial has been up since September), and then goes on to add another dig at the Bible anyway.

The bench does have religious symbols and scripture in its design which no other bench in our park currently has. It is a beautiful bench and we are currently working to find another more suitable location for the bench which is in memory of a young child.

“More suitable.” Well, don’t we all wonder what he means by that?

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